Life’s a Beach and Then You Get Fit – Beach Workout Routine

With summer quickly approaching, I can’t help but get excited about all the fun summer beach workout routines you can do to stay fit and active.  I hope some of these ideas inspire you to hit the sand and give them a try.  You don’t have to wait for summer so get your fit on!  Go on soak up some sun and Vitamin D too!


*Walking Lunges on the beach:  Go for 30 total (look for seashells).

beach workout


*Beach Sprints (sprint across the sand, close to the water)

beach sprints

*Lay on your towel and do some SUN Crunches: 25 GO! (Work those abs)


*Run the stairs (most beaches have stairs to walk down to the beach)

beach workouts

*Plank: hold for 30-60 seconds (Don’t forget to put on that sunscreen)


*Pop Squats: Do a least 25 and then do some more.  (Fun… how’s that tan coming along?)


pop squats


*Curtsy Lunges across the sand (Feel that breeze, smell the ocean…)

curtsy workout

*Find a bench and get in some Bench Presses and Push ups (I love the sun)

bench pushups

The possibilities are endless.  Try to do at least 15 to 20 repetitions (go for more if you can) and 3 rounds of this beach workout routine.  Enjoy the sun.  It’s beautiful, happy, and energizing.  Pack a lunch, maybe a nice refreshing kale salad with chicken?  That sounds delicious.  Get fit in the sun.  Feel free to add your feed back or ideas for our Fit Tip followers.  Have a Sun Shiny Day!



Ready.  Set.  Get Fit!!!  In the Sunshine!

Darese, ISSA CFT, Certified Boot Camp Instructor

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