3 Killer Exercise Moves You Should Be Doing


Personal trainers aren’t just hired to motivate you, they are a hub endless information.  From exercise, to supplements, food intake, and products; trainers must know what’s going on to be successful in this ever-changing field.   With that being said, we’d like to welcome Darese Snider to the site.


Darese is a certified personal trainer in Laguna California, competative figure model, she runs a bootcamp (codepinkbootcamp) 3 times a week, and does personal training!   Here are some of her killer exercise moves to get you in shape!


killer exercise moves

1.    Downward Dog Straight Leg Raise (Glutes)
In the Downward Dog pose, start by raising right leg up to sky for 30 reps then switch to left leg for 30 reps.  Repeat 3 times.  
My boot camp girls love this one.


killer exercise moves

2.  No Mercy (Abs) I don’t know the “real” name but my boot camp girls think the name I gave it, is appropriate. 😉
     In V-up position, Legs are up and feet face the sky, Body is raised, palms are facing up to the sky.  Hold position for 30+ seconds.  

killer exercise moves

3.     Single Leg Hamstring Bridge with Pulse (Hamstrings)
Lie flat on the floor on your back.  Arms to your side for support, lift body up in bridge position, raise right leg up.  Left leg should be slightly bent with heel to ground and toes pointing to the sky/ceiling.  Then pulse (lift and lower body up and down) *you will feel it in the supporting leg.  Do one side for about 30 seconds and then switch legs.  Repeat  3 times.


These killer exercise moves can be used in the gym, outside in the park or at home.   If you love them, then share them!!  Use our “share” link at the top of the article!  Thank you for spreading the “fitness word”  about the site and it’s content!!!

A BIG thank you to Darese for her input!   If you’d like to contact her for personal training or to get in on her bootcamp, see her contact info below.


Contact Darese at: darese4cpbc@gmail.com
Website: www.CodePinkBootCamp.com

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