5 Killer Medicine Ball Exercises


 Medicine ball exercises can be done anywhere and with only 1 piece of equipment, 2 if you want to get fancy.  Our highlighted product for the the week is the valeo medicine ball featured in the Fit Tip Store.  Whether you are using a 4 pound or a 12 pound medicine ball we have the equipment that your body needs to get in shape and STAY in shape.

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 Medicine Ball Push Ups 

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Works shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, core, back, and hips

Get in plank position with your left hand on top of a five- to eight-pound medicine ball and your right hand on the floor. Lower into a pushup until your chest is as close to the floor as possible (A). Press back up to plank. Placing your weight on your right hand, roll the ball across to the right (B), and then place your left hand on the floor and your right hand on top of the ball. Do another pushup, then roll the ball back to the left (C). That’s one rep. Do two sets of six to 10 reps, moving quickly and resting for 30 seconds between sets (source for medicine ball pushup).

Trainer Tips:  If you can’t do this on your toes, it’s ok to drop your knees to the floor.  You will still get results doing the push ups on your knees.

Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers

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Assume a pushup position with your arms completely straight and hands on a medicine ball. Lift your right foot off the floor and slowly raise your knee as close to your chest as you can. Touch the floor with your right foot. Return to the starting position. Repeat with your left leg. Alternate back and forth for 30 seconds (source for medicine ball exercise)

lunge with wood chop

Hold a medicine ball with both hands on the outside of your thigh. 

Lunge forward.

Twist your torso to the side of the body with that has the leg forward.

Lift the medicine ball up and across your body with straight arms.

Keep your core muscles engaged at all times, using them to control the movement.

Repeat for 12- 15 reps, then switch legs.  Try to do this 3 – 4 sets.

 Medicine Ball Lunge with Twist 

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Use a medicine ball with weight that is difficult to carry but not impossible to finish the exercise. Stand tall holding medicine ball with both arms and lunge forward with right leg, making sure to keep knee aligned with your ankle and not bend past your ankle. Once you are in the lunge, twist your upper body to the right, holding medicine ball away from your body with arms extended.

Return to starting position and repeat with left side (source)

Try to do a total of 16 – 20 total repetitions.  3-4 Sets overall.

Medicine Ball Burpees 


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Using a medicine ball during a squat thrust (burpee) adds an element of instability and challenge as you toss the ball overhead at the end of the movement. Take care with this exercise and practice by stepping the feet back rather than jumping if you feel too wobbly. You’ll need solid upper body strength and core stability to do this move, so only try this if you’re an advanced exerciser.

  1. Hold onto a medicine ball and squat, taking the med ball to the floor while keeping the abs engaged.
  2. Make sure your hands are directly under the shoulders to enhance your stability as you jump the feet back into a pushup position. As a variation, step the feet back one at a time to practice the move before jumping.
  3. Jump the feet back to start, stand up and toss the medicine ball overhead or to a partner.
  4. Repeat for 10-20 reps or for 30-60 seconds. Try to do this 2-3 sets   (Source)


You can see how using a medicine ball for exercise can give you a ton of options.   If you don’t already have one you can buy a medicine ball in our handy store.  We have the BEST prices on the web due to the fact that our shipping is free!!   Don’t be fooled by other sites that lure you in with a low price then tack on an outrageous amount for shipping and handling!

Get cut and stay cut by using these exercises at least once a week!

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