Yoga and Thyroid Function – Could This Move Increase Your Metabolism


Yoga has been used for flexibility and general health for thousands of years.   As somewhat of a beginner myself, I’m still discovering all the benefits of yoga, inside and out.  While training a client I spoke of my somewhat sluggish thyroid and my need to get more tests done.  Interestingly enough, my clients said, “Oh that’s easy just do shoulder stands every day!”   Of course that lead into a whole conversation about yoga and thyroid.


Yoga and Thyroid Function

The thyroid is the control center for tons of hormones in the body (not just the thyroid).  If you have any issues with your thyroid, chances are, you have problems with the other hormones of the body.   For this reason, it’s essential that your thyroid level is in balance!

On the surface, yoga is known to relax the muscles through gentle stretches, increase flexibility, and bring inner peace.  The isometric poses (poses that you hold without moving) help to strengthen muscles and balance.  Yoga has also been known to help heal those with thyroid cancer.


The Magic Yoga Pose For Increasing Your Metabolism 

  It’s known as a shoulder stand, or sarvangasan.    Don’t worry, this move won’t land you in the hospital, despite the scary name!    Here’s what it looks like ….


yoga and thyroid

To perform a yoga shoulder stand, lie flat on your back, keep your legs together, and raise up your legs until they are at a right angle to your shoulders/neck, perpendicular to the floor. Tuck your chin into your chest, and rest the weight of your body on your shoulders and elbows, using your arms to support your hips. Try to practice until you can do a shoulder stand for a full two minutes. 

Trainer Tips:  Don’t worry if you can’t do a full two minutes.  Work at your own pace and do what you can each day to improve.

animated yoga

Watch This Animated Yoga Pose!

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