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Happy Monday!!!  Yeah, we know that’s not a traditional thing to say BUT you woke up today, your healthy, and you’re alive.  So while you’re living your life, why not make it even better and look great doing it!   These exercises from oxygen will help revive your old and stale routine OR give you more options when you are working out.   Of course, we will add some trainer tips as commentary to give you some added help.



LUNGE CROSS CHOP:  Trainer Tips:  Keep your stomach tight throughout the exercise.  This will help with your balance and help you to work your core muscles at the same time.  If you are having trouble, pick something in the room that is stationary to focus on.



PLANK PULL THROUGH –   Trainer Tip:  Beginners, make sure to keep the dumbbell close to your body.  Placing it too far out will increase the intensity of the exercise.  Squeezing your Butt and your abs during this exercise will help you keep your body up so you can maintain proper support through your back.   Don’t let your butt droop!!



SINGLE LEG, SINGLE ARM ROW –   Trainer Tip:  After lifting one leg off the ground contract that side of your butt.   The contraction will help with balance and to burn extra calories while you fire up your glute!!  For the ROW portion of the exercise, make sure when you row you keep your shoulder down and relaxed and rotate your shoulder blade in and squeeze the middle of your back. Contracting the right muscles during this exercise with aid in proper posture.



SQUAT CIRCLE:  Trainer Tips: Push up from your HEALS when you come up from the squat.  This will active your butt and your hamstrings and help with overall form.


KICKIN SPLIT PUSH UPS Trainer Tips:  Breath out when you bring your knee up to your chest area.  After doing the kick, place the leg back in starting position, squeeze that glute and then repeat the push up and the kick.  The squeezing motion will help to support the lower back and spine so you can get through the whole set.

SQUAT 1 ARM THRUSTTrainer Tips:  Keep the shoulder and elbow soft.  Locking them out completely during this exercise could be jarring to the joints.



How’s that for a monday workout routine?!  These exercises should jolt your body into responding!  Our trainer tips will help you achieve maximum results while following along with this great video from oxygen magazine!  If you love these fitness tips then spread the love and share this article on facebook, pinterest of through email!!

“We Love Helping You, One Tip At A Time”

Adria Ali


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